March 22

Animal Physiotherapy

As veterinary surgical procedures and treatments continue to progress the need for animal physiotherapy is growing.

When injury or illness spoils your pet’s ability to enjoy life to the full you need active pet physio to help them back on their feet.

Active Pet Physio’s goal is to help improve your pet’s daily function, to return their independence and provide a better quality of life. We will treat your pet using a variety of specialist equipment, manual therapies and rehabilitation exercises. Developing a program for you to continue at home will keep you in touch with your pet’s progress and create a more complete recovery. Although the majority of the animals we treat are dogs, cats also respond very well to physiotherapy.

Our aim is to offer a professional, quality service providing the best possible treatment for your pet. Active Pet Physio will be based in Northamptonshire and will also be covering the neighbouring borders of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Leicestershire.

  • Is your pet stiff, limping or reluctant to exercise?
  • Recovering from surgery or injury?
  • Overweight?
  • Could your sporting dog be fitter?
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